Container Haulage



As the leading provider of container haulage services for shipments going out of Jurong, we possess our own strong fleet and work with a team of dedicated and strong contractors to manage even the most high-volume seasons.

This reliable combination of in-house and contracted vendors allow us to never fail our customers. Coordinators at Prospect Logistics also provide excellent customer service with close coordination on the delivery status of containers.

Our Strengths:
  • 5 x Prime Movers
  • Island-wide trucking to all corners of Singapore
  • Specialist in outside Jurong trucking, with 80% of our deliveries being outside Jurong
  • Timely service with notifications during and upon delivery
  • Project Management by handling full volume
  • Container delivery timing management to prevent congestion
  • Coordination on loading bay availability to minimise waiting time
Haulage for Relocation Industry:
  • Truck out container 1 day in advance of delivery or before the expiry of PSA free storage
  • Truck container to our yard to safe keep until delivery to residence
  • Survey job-site ahead of delivery to find nearest yet safest parking location to job-site to minimise shuttle time
  • Coordinate directly with job-site supervisor on delivery timing, parking location & truck-out timing
  • Ensure all import containers are delivered by 0930
  • Ensure all export containers are delivered 30 mins before loading to minimise LTA fines and LTA towing
  • Truck container back to our yard to safe keep until export into PSA or return to container depot

Prospect Logistics Container Haulage Services

Prospect Logistics Container Services

Container Haulage Services

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